Product Care Instructions

Look after your LC Activewear fitness leggings with our activewear care instructions. Keep your gym leggings in top condition so they can perform as strong as you.

What Are Sports Leggings and How to Clean Them Properly?

Sports leggings are a popular choice of clothing for many people who enjoy physical activities. They provide comfort and flexibility while allowing you to move freely. However, they can quickly get dirty and smelly if not cleaned properly. Read on to find out more about sports leggings, how to clean them properly, and the best methods for washing LC Activewear gym pants and other types of workout leggings.

Best Practices for Washing Sports Leggings

Washing sports leggings the right way is essential for keeping them in good condition and making sure that you get the most out of your workout clothing. Whether you choose to machine wash or hand wash your fitness bottoms, there are some best practices that you should follow to keep your LC Activewear leggings looking and feeling great.

LC Activewear high waisted leggings and shorts, are printed using a sublimation process. This method transfers a design to fabric using ink and heat. To help maintain the quality and appearance of your gym leggings please follow these activewear care instructions:

  • Wash inside out on a gentle cycle, we advise a 30 degree wash.

  • Do not iron

  • Do not bleach

  • Dry flat or line dry.

  • Do not tumble.

  • Avoid washing with rough fabrics, zips or Velcro

LC Active Women's Gym Wear Care Instructions

For all our activewear, we advise not to use fabric softener. Fabric Softener can dull the item’s finish by leaving a residue on the fabric. it can also hinder the sweat wicking ability of the product.  In some cases, fabric softeners can attract odour causing bacteria.  This is something I’m sure you would want to avoid!!

Abrasion Damage – this can be more noticeable on designs that are darker in colour. Whilst wearing, avoid rough and sharp surfaces this includes anything with a rough edge like Velcro, brick walls, gym bars, rough skin etc. Be wary of anything that causes friction against the material for a prolonged period of time as this can also cause abrasion damage. Take great care when pulling on your women's gym leggings, treat them like you would a pair of tights, the material may snag on rings, nails etc.

If worn and washed correctly your gym leggings for women will maintain their best quality and appearance for many, many uses. Unfortunately LC Activewear is unable to offer refunds and exchanges if these guidelines are not followed.