Create beautiful and functional gym wear for women so they feel confident and empowered.

How It Began.....

In 2019, I set about creating functional fitness wear that not only performs in the gym but also looks great day to day. I concentrated on designing women’s workout clothes in unique patterns to flatter any shape or size. What began as a little idea discussed at the kitchen table suddenly snowballed and now LC Active supplies women of all ages up and down the country with their favourite gym leggings and workout clothing.

We Are Evolving...

Three years on, and the world has changed, but instead of being overwhelmed, women have grown stronger and more powerful than ever before. With this in mind I knew that LC Active needed to evolve and grow. As a business owner I needed to think differently, relate differently and respond different to the needs of the women who were wearing my brand. I began to reimagine what it means to be an activewear brand in 2022, in this new normal, and I have learnt so much. Not just about design and fabric, but about myself as a women and women in our society. I've met some fantastic ladies along the way and their stories have help to shape and inspire the future of LC Active.

We're constantly being told that we need to change our bodies in order to fit society's standards. We're surrounded by pressure into thinking that we need to live up to unrealistic beauty and body standards. The women in my life and the ones I have met over the last 3 years, during the LC Active journey, are taking back the power they have over their own bodies and are not letting society dictate how they feel about themselves. That is why it is so important to continue the conversation around positive body image, health, and wellness and LC Active strives to do just that. I aim to inspire individuals to live a healthy and active lifestyle and feel strong and empowered when they are wearing LC Active.

What Women Want...

On this journey I have learnt that women want to feel and look good when they are working out. We’re not just reaching for crazy pattern leggings anymore, we’re looking for fit and function. For me, I need fitness clothing that looks good on the school run but also performs at the gym or on the track. For you, it might be for a run home from work or a Saturday morning parkrun and then brunch with friends. I understand how modern lifestyles are super busy and how women's fitness clothing needs to be versatile to provide a comfortable fit for all-day wear in and out of the gym. The gym clothing pieces I design and choose for LC Active are always with women in mind. Top quality fabrics are chosen to give functionality, provide movement and longevity. Squat, proof, sweat proof and a high waist design are standard along with a brand new logo which encapsulates strength and empowerment. With these features, you will be able to stay strong in the gym and transition into every day life without the worry about your leggings being uncomfortable or restricting your movements.

We Are LC Active...

As LC Active continues to grow and evolve, my mission to create beautiful and functional gym wear for women so they feel confident and empowered, will be central to everything.

Designed for woman, by a women. High-quality workout clothes made with woman's bodies in mind, and always at an affordable price point.

We are powerful, strong women. We are LC Active!

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With love - Karen, Founder x