"Beautiful functional gym wear made to make you feel confident and comfortable in whatever you do."

Leggings that are squat-proof, stay up, and look good while doing it LC Activewear.


Since our launch in 2019, our goal has been to provide you with activewear that not only looks great but also performs exceptionally well. We understand the importance of having leggings that can withstand intense gym sessions and seamlessly transition into your everyday life without compromising comfort or restricting your movements.

Our leggings are specially designed to be squat-proof, ensuring maximum coverage and confidence during your workouts. Plus, they stay up in place no matter how intense your training gets.

We proudly celebrate the strength, grace and beauty of the female figure. LC Activewear


Empowering women, one workout at a time. LC Activewear is designed to celebrate every stage of your fitness journey, embracing real bodies and real women. Join our movement and experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and confidence. Let's redefine what it means to be strong and beautiful together. All the models here are my friends, my family and me, and we don’t photoshop. What you see is real.

It's all in the details - LC Activewear


I strongly believe in the importance of good design. Every little detail is what makes a noticeable difference and I select fabrics with extreme care, which ensures optimum performance, comfort and durability. To combat waste leggings are made in small production runs with prints which are unique and never go out of style .

It’s all in the detail!

LC Active Women's Gym Wear Owner - KT

A note from Karen

When I started running back in 2017 I had never worn a pair of gym leggings. They were never my thing, I played team sport and we trained in tracksuit bottoms and played in our hockey team kit. Why was I struggling to find leggings I felt comfortable to run in, train in and be me in.

LC Activewear was founded due to the need for something that wasn't yet available. Since it didn't exist, I decided to develop it myself. What I wanted was leggings that could be used for all my activities, whether it was leg day, a walk in the park or for the school run. I needed all of this while looking and feeling my best.

It began as an idea discussed at our kitchen table. And then it became a much loved activewear brand worn by women of all ages, shapes & sizes. LC Activewear is a growing collection of active clothing that helps women achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Beautiful and functional gym wear made to make you feel confident and comfortable in whatever you do.