what to wear to the gym LC Active


what to wear to the gym LC Active


Every girl knows that nothing beats a good work out. Whether you're looking to tone up or just want to stay healthy, your workout is not complete until you've found the right gym outfit. And ladies, since we know that we already spend enough time thinking about it as it is, we're going to put together a quick guide for what to wear at the gym!

At the gym wear something that is comfortable and allows you to do all of your exercises without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. You’ll need workout clothing that makes you feel good, look good and perform at your best. Here are the essential things that every girl should have in her wardrobe before going to the gym:


  • SPORTS BRA - no matter what size you are, all breasts move during exercise. A medium impact sports bra to minimise bounce and movement during your workout and to keep secure throughout your gym session is number one in our what to wear guide. We’ve a great selection of supportive sports bras for your kit bag at LC Active.


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  • SPORTS TOP - Women’s workout tops need to be moisture-wicking, and quick-drying for unrestricted performance. For sweaty gym sessions try a lightweight training vest or a muscle tank for strength training. A gym t-shirt is a great all rounder and suitable for cardio sessions, classes or wearing before and after your training sessions. Remember when you're working out, it's important to dress in layers so that you can adjust as needed to the intensity of your workout. Layering is also a great way to keep cool and comfortable, since it's easier to adjust clothing than it is to change the environment.


  • WORKOUT BOTTOMS - Gym Leggings need to be supportive and most importantly squat-proof - nobody wants to see tomorrow’s washing! Wearing a high-waisted legging will ensure no rolling or slipping when you are working out, this style is also very flattering to your figure no matter your size. Sports leggings are designed to be worn for many different activities including yoga, Pilates, strength training and even all day wear. Workout tights come in a variety of lengths including full length, cropped/capri length, short and 7/8 leggings. Some people prefer to wear black leggings or other plain colours to the gym but many companies now produce bright patterned running leggings if you want to stand out from the crowd.


Women want to feel and look good when they are working out, Therefore, your gym outfit needs to be comfortable and flattering, so you can engage in physical activity without it feeling too tight or falling down. Check out the LC Active range of workout clothes suitable for gym, run, lift or lounge!

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