Women's Squat Proof Leggings, High Waisted Gym Leggings For Women LC Active



We’ve all been there. You walk into the store, see a pair of leggings and think “Hey, these are the ones!” only to try them on and find that they don’t provide the right amount of squat proofing.

It can be difficult to find a good pair of squat-proof leggings that are both comfortable and provide the right amount of support when you need it most, but don't worry, this guide will help you learn everything you need to know to about squat proof gym leggings and how to tell if they are see through or not.

What Does 'Squat-proof Leggings' Mean?

Squat Proof Leggings are a type of leggings that have a special design to help women perform squats without the leggings going see-through. Squat proof gym leggings move with you and do not show any unwanted skin or underwear, meaning the material should be thick enough to cover you but also stretchy enough to move with you.

Squat-proof fitness leggings can be found in many different styles and colours, but they all have one thing in common - they provide ample coverage, lightweight construction and move with your body while keeping you comfortable. With the popularity of athleisure wear, it's no surprise that squat-proof leggings have become a popular item. 

Women's Squat Proof Leggings, High Waisted Gym Leggings For Women LC Active

 A good squat proof fit!

When it comes to leggings, the most important thing is a good fit. The fabric needs to be stretchy enough to allow for movement, while also being opaque enough so you're not left showing your underwear when bending over.

With any pair of gym leggings, if the material is stretched too tight, it can start to become see-through. To prevent this, ensure you are wearing the correct size, as wearing too small of a size and stretching the fabric beyond it's limits will cause the fabric to become sheer.

Most women would like their gym leggings to fit them like a second skin - however, it's important that the fabric is slightly flexible so we can move about freely and comfortably. We want a perfect fit for when we're working from home or heading to the gym. When your workout leggings are stretched past their limits then they may start to break down before the natural end of their lifespan.

At LC Active you can find Fit and Size Guides on all of our clothing products. These will help you to find your perfect fit leggings.

LC Active Fit Guide

What Material Is Squat Proof?

There are many materials that can be used to make a squat proof garment. But the most common material is those that contain elastane. Elastane is an elasticated fabric, which means it will stretch and return to its original shape. This is important for a squat proof garment, because the fabric needs to be able to stretch without tearing or ripping. A good pair of squat proof leggings will be made from an elastance fabric containing polyester. The polyester mix is perfect for active wear because it's breathable, lightweight, and quick-drying.


How Do You Know If Leggings Are Squat Proof?

The best way to tell if your gym leggings are squat proof is through testing. The darker the underwear, the better for testing.

Try using a mirror and performing a deep squat or any stretch where the fabric will be pulled taut, then check for any visibility of underwear or skin. If there is any visible panty line or if the material of the legging shifts, it's not considered to be squat proof.

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Women's Squat Proof Leggings, High Waisted Gym Leggings For Women LC Active

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