Women's Gym Leggings with Pockets. Squat Proof and sweat wicking LC Active



Leggings with pockets is an absolute MUST for any women's workout collection. We are absolutely obsessed with pocket leggings and we have an excellent selection for you at LC Active.

No longer will you need to use your sports bra, arm sleeve or some other genius storage space to store your phone or key, just get a pair of LC Active full length gym leggings or shorts with side pockets. We have a fantastic collection in a range of plain colours or patterned designs.

Plain Colour Pocket Leggings

LC Active Pocket Leggings

There are so many great features of these leggings, starting with the pockets. The two pockets on either side of the leg are perfect for working out while listening to music on your phone. Allowing you to put your phone on the side that you prefer and still enjoy the comfort these leggings bring! 

Leggings with side pockets can also be used to hold small items such as keys, wallets, and an inhaler while you're out running or going to the gym.

Featured in either black or navy, these High Waisted Pocket Leggings are a must for your wardrobe.


LC Active Pocket Shorts

Not only do you get the benefits of side pockets in  our leggings, but you can also get them in shorts. 

 LC Active Pocket Shorts

Perfectly situated on each thigh, the pocket position ensures that your items are never out of reach. Shop High Waisted Gym Shorts with Pockets at LC Active.

Wearing a pair of well fitted high waisted leggings or high waisted shorts will bring comfort to your day. With the benefit of pocket leggings or pocket shorts you can leave your bag behind! These gym leggings & shorts with pockets are comfortable and stylish all at the same time. They are perfect for everyday use and also for your workouts. Leggings with pockets have so many benefits that you should not hesitate to invest in them today.

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